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All results that may be identified as accomplishments, products, assets, cost, and time consumed. Outputs can be expressed as positive values or negative values. In the production of goods and services, outputs will be a combination of positives and negatives with the difference being gain, profit, or value. Mechanisms. , associated jobs and organizations as well as specific equipment, hardware, and software (infrastructure). The precision with which executives and managers lead organizations to produce outcomes represents the enterprise brand and quality of management.

What is the intended output or outcome? How will the outcome be produced? What is the process or activities? What resources are required as inputs? What people are required to perform the work? What technologies are required to perform the work? What are the controls and constraints on performance? At what rate, frequency, quality, cost, and schedule are work to be performed to deliver required outputs? By attributing activities with cost and time metrics, executives can see how much cost and time is consumed by activities to produce intended results.

The NCMS team objective was to produce one selfassessment that would satisfy all the requirements for self-assessment from all 13 “top quality” programs. Performing one self assessment is work and investment enough. To accomplish this, NCMS identified 14 areas of excellence accompanied by 1400 common questions for which evidence (data) was required for compliance. This experience illustrates the power of self-assessment based on the requirement to produce evidence of compliance with stated improvement criteria.

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