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By Richard M. Hogg

First released in 1992, A Grammar of previous English, quantity 1: Phonology was once a landmark booklet that during the intervening years has no longer been passed in its intensity of scholarship and usability to the sphere. With the 2011 posthumous booklet of Richard M. Hogg’s Volume 2: Morphology, Volume 1 is back in print, now in paperback, in order that students can personal this whole work.

  • Takes account of significant advancements either within the box of previous English reports and in linguistic theory
  • Takes complete benefit of the Dictionary of Old English venture at Toronto, and contains complete cross-references to the DOE data
  • Fully makes use of paintings in phonemic and generative concept and similar topics
  • Provides fabric the most important for destiny study either in diachronic and synchronic phonology and in ancient sociolinguistics

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Example text

1 Therefore in this work originally long vowels in secondary- or weak-stressed syllables will not be marked for length. 1 The situation is much more complex than suggested here. 83ff. Such reduction would have depended upon a number of factors, including speech tempo and other rarely recoverable variables, as well as date of the text. I would not therefore wish to suggest that a line such as Beo 1523a pæt se beado-lboma did not have a long diphthong in lboma. 43 se could not possibly have ever had a long vowel (except if subject to emphatic stress).

In gemination early texts, including EWS, use (ch, chh, hch). Examples include: Bede(M) † Acha, EpGl 171 crocha ‘pot’, cf. 46n3, CP(H) tiochia¨, teoch[h]a¨, tiohchia¨ ‘they suppose’, pohchan ‘bags’ (3¥), LVD † Echha, Ch 21 † Aehcha. The spellings of EpGl, ErfGl are most easily accounted for if one assumes that the Ep–Erf archetype used 〈h〉 for /x/ and 〈ch〉 for /xx/. In that case only EpGl 546 bituccn, ErfGl bitucchn ‘between’ remains difficult to explain. , where 〈ch〉 represents (h) in a foot-initial /xl/ cluster.

1 The first dated examples of 〈/〉 and 〈¨〉 are, respectively, 803 Sweet (1885: Ct 33) æ/el- (3¥), and 700¥715 Ch 21 (Cott. 2 The distribution of the dental fricative parallels that of the labial fricative, and there are two allophones [q] and [¨], but it is more widely distributed than any of the other fricatives. The normal transcription is /q/, and the use of the non-IPA /// is to be deplored. Examples of /q/ are: pin8 ‘thing’, ba/ian ‘bathe’, bæ/ ‘bath’. ’, ni/as ‘troubles’. It is important to note that even after the introduction of 〈/, ¨〉 into OE orthography, these graphs are not used to reflect the allophonic distribution of [q] and [¨].

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