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By Talcott Parsons

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These mechanisms operate in many fields other than the market, but in the present context they appear first at this point. An interest of a person--or a collectivitycan be protected if he has both the right and the realistic opportunity to 1 cf. G. ), Experimentation with Human Subjects (New York: Braziller, 1970), pp. 178-196. 38 SOCIOLOGY OF HEALTH AND ILLNESS seek "remedy" in the courts and thereby hold accountable those who have injured or might injure his interests. Both these modes of control have serious limitations for many classes of cases, but they are, nevertheless, of great importance in establishing a broad framework within which expectations of accountability are established.

This is the tradition of significant and valid knowledge, which has been built over many centuries by extremely complicated processes, but has been preserved as available to many current generations in, for example, externalized symbolic form, books and other publication and the like, and in the competence of persons whose training and experience have exposed them to the essential characteristics of aspects of this tradition, including their history. What I refer to, of course, is the cultural aspect, the cognitive aspect, of what more generally we call the cultural tradition.

A notable example has been described by Dr. Renee Fox in her Experiment Perilous (1959) with respect to the way in which the patients on Ward F12 actually participated in substantial ways in the research program to which the ward was committed. They served in a very real sense as research assistants of the investigating medical team. This assistance above all focused on selfobservation and reporting to the medical team on what had, in fact, been observed about their own conditions. to another very important one.

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