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By Giovanni Boschetti, Alessandro Gasparetto

This quantity includes the lawsuits of the 1st foreign convention of IFToMM Italy (IFIT2016), held on the collage of Padova, Vicenza, Italy, on December 1-2, 2016. The booklet includes contributions at the newest advances on Mechanism and laptop technological know-how. The fifty-nine papers care for such issues as biomechanical engineering, historical past of mechanism and computing device technological know-how, linkages and mechanical controls, multi-body dynamics, reliability, robotics and mechatronics, transportation equipment, tribology, and vibrations.

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The additional variables αb, αf, αlb, αlf and β, which describe the rotation of the actuators with respect to the Oxyz frame, are described in Fig. 3c and they are needed to write loop-closure equations as Ab + Rx ðαb ÞABb − 0 H − Rx ðϑÞH Bb = 0 ð1Þ Af + Rx ðαl ÞABf − 0 H − Rx ðϑÞH Bf = 0 ð2Þ 0 Alb + Ry ðβÞRx ðαlb ÞABlb − 0 H − Rx ðϑÞH Blb = 0 ð3Þ 0 À Á Alf + Ry ðβÞRx αlf ABlf − 0 H − Rx ðϑÞH Blf = 0 ð4Þ 0 0 Therefore, a solution of forward and inverse kinematics can be obtained by solving the system of equations that is obtained by expanding and combining Eqs.

20), we get: BP = J T Fh (21) In this equation the matrix B, the reduced Jacobian J and the vector Fh of the forces acting on the handle axis are functions of time; using the subscript i to indicate their instantaneous values ad the time instant ti , we have: Bi P = JiT Fh i (22) The data collected at n different samplings during an experimental test can be collected together and are used to generate the following over constrained linear system: WP = H ⎡ B1 ⎤ ⎢B ⎥ W =⎢ 2⎥ ⋯ ⎢ ⎥ ⎣ Bn ⎦ T ⎡ J 1 Fh 1 ⎤ ⎢ J2T Fh 2 ⎥ H=⎢ ⎥ ⎢ T⋯ ⎥ ⎣ J n Fh n ⎦ (23) that can be solved with the minimum squares criteria as: P = (W T W)−1 W T H = W + H where W + is the Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse.

Danieli Abstract The article deals with a new six degrees of freedom system for rehabilitation, able to work, in active or passive modes, on upper and lower, left and rights limbs. This robot has an hybrid serial parallel structure, mechanically self-balanced thanks to the particular joints configuration. Performing a simple manual operation it’s possible to change configuration of the robot, depending on the patient side on which the operator would act. The system is controlled by a multiprocessor distributed control system connected via CAN bus protocol.

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