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Download Aelfric and the Cult of Saints in Late Anglo-Saxon England by Mechthild Gretsch PDF

By Mechthild Gretsch

The literature of Anglo-Saxon England is exclusive between modern eu literatures in that it includes a enormous volume of saints' lives within the vernacular. This research analyzes an important writer Aelfric's lives of 5 very important saints within the gentle in their cults in Anglo-Saxon England, offering the reader attention-grabbing glimpses of 'Aelfric at work'. He adapts the cults and rewrites the obtained Latin hagiography in order that every one in their lives conveys a unique message to the modern political elite in addition to to a lay viewers at huge.

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They further concern the veneration for Gregory shown by Aldhelm (see above, pp. 22–3), another of Theodore’s pupils; the occurrence of the notion of the ‘baptism of tears’ in both Theodore’s teaching and the Whitby Life; and the invocation of Gregory in one of the litanic prayers in the Book of Cerne (Cambridge, University Library, Ll. 1. 10). As Michael Lapidge has shown, some of the prayers in this prayerbook (written c. 26 In this connection it might be interesting to add that there are some grounds for thinking that an invocation to Gregory was also contained in the Greek litany of the saints which presumably formed part 23 24 25 26 See Thacker, ‘Memorializing Gregory’, pp.

Ed. and trans. Milfull, The Hymns of the Anglo-Saxon Church, pp. 386–7 (no. 116). See CH II, ed. Godden, p. 73. (Note that – for reasons of clarity – in quotations from CH I and II, I have edited throughout the text quoted, by providing capitalization and punctuation in accordance with the usual practice in editions of Old English texts. ’ See below, pp. 29–33 and 61–3. 16 With regard to Ælfric’s knowledge of the hymn for St Gregory’s feast day, we have to note that this hymn is preserved in two manuscripts only: Durham, Cathedral Library, B.

293. 12 Therefore, when Ælfric, in the second sentence of his Life, says about Gregory: He is rihtlice Engliscre ð eode apostol, forð an ð e he þurh his ræd and sande us fram deofles biggengum ætbræd and to Godes geleafan gebigde13 he will have been aware that – in spite of the clear verbal echoes – he was not only reiterating Bede, one of his principal sources. 14 His Winchester training will no doubt have guaranteed a thorough knowledge of Aldhelm, the most prominent curriculum author in 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Cf.

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