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By Alexander A. Kokhanovsky

This new textual content deals skilled scholars a entire evaluation of accessible recommendations for the distant sensing of aerosols. those small debris impression either atmospheric visibility and the thermodynamics of the ambience. also they are of serious value in any attention of weather switch difficulties. Aerosols can also be answerable for the lack of harvests, human illnesses and ecological failures. therefore, this particular examine of aerosol houses on an international scale couldn't be extra well timed.

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In multiple light scattering studies, not the matrix F^ but the normalized phase matrix P^ ¼ 4p ^ F k 2 Csca is usually used. The element P11 coincides with the phase function. Also it is useful to introduce the normalized scattering matrix having elements fij ¼ Fij =F11 . It follows for spheres that f11 ¼ f22 ¼ 1; f12 ¼ f21 ¼ f33 ¼ f44 ¼ f34 ¼ Àf43 i1 À i2 ; i1 þ i2 À Á Re S1 S2* ; i1 þ i2 À Á Im S1 S2* ¼ i1 þ i2 with all other elements equal to zero. It follows for the monodispersed spherical particles 2 2 2 from the discussion given above that f12 þ f34 þ f44 ¼ 1.

14(a) are very different and, therefore, they can be used for the identification of the predominant aerosol type. Elements f33 and f34 are shown in Figs. 14(b) and (c), respectively. 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 scattering angle, degrees Fig. 14(c). The same as in Fig. 9 except for f34 . 140 160 180 46 2 Optical properties of atmospheric aerosol carried out for the same conditions as in Fig. 14(a). The physical meaning of the element f44 ¼ f33 is the degree of circular polarization Pc of scattered light under the illumination of an aerosol medium by right-hand completely circular polarized light (Kokhanovsky, 2003).

4 Scattering 33 etc. Clearly, these various characteristics are interrelated because they are determined by the same function pðhÞ. In particular, it follows for highly extended in the forward direction  phase functions: g ¼ 1 À h2 =4. Andrews et al. (2006) gave the following parameterization of the asymmetry parameter with respect to b: g ¼ 0:9893 À 7:143889b3 þ 7:464439b2 À 3:96356b: This expression was derived for the special case of the Henyey–Greenstein (HG) phase function given as p ð hÞ ¼ 1 X ð2j þ 1Þgj Pj ðcos hÞ j¼0 or in the closed form: p ð hÞ ¼ 1 À g2 ð1 þ g2 À 2g cos hÞ3=2 : Here Pj ðcos hÞ is the Legendre polynomial.

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