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By Paul Blackledge, Neil Davidson (editors)

Even if Alasdair MacIntyre is better identified at the present time because the writer of "After advantage" (1981), he was once, within the Nineteen Fifties and Nineteen Sixties, some of the most erudite individuals of Britain's Marxist Left: being a militant inside of, first, the Communist occasion, after which the hot Left.

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MacIntyre went on to suggest that ‘the inability of men to discard Christianity is part of their inability to provide any post-Christian means of understanding their situation in the world’. 88 Another reason why MacIntyre was drawn to such a pessimistic conclusion was that, by the mid–1960s, he moved to reject not only Marx’s, but also all other competing theories of human nature which might act as a humanist basis for revolutionary politics. 90 While he chose Marxism in 1966, he refused any criteria by which this choice could rationally be defended.

82 Similarly, on the pages of New Left Review, Edward Thompson argued that MacIntyre’s thesis that the key antagonism in society lay at the point of production was ‘the ABC of socialism with the B and C left out’. 83 Thompson’s was a powerful point; for MacIntyre’s defence of the need to build a revolutionary party, organised along democratic-centralist lines that would act to lead the proletariat, while innocent of the ultra-vanguardist verbiage associated with the leadership of the SLL, suffered from an obverse problem; it only weakly addressed the problem of political practice within the working class.

Because it was translated from the Russian, about the year 1905’: The crucial difference between those who managed capitalism in the nineteenth century and those who managed it today was that the latter had achieved a degree of consciousness as to what they were doing. . Perhaps Cardan won’t do either. 81 As we have intimated, MacIntyre had been drawn towards the ideas of Socialisme ou Barbarie’s leading theoretician, Cornelius Castoriadis, from at least 1960 when, in ‘Freedom and Revolution’, he stressed the importance of politics at the ‘point of production’.

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