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By A. Borel

Provided listed here are contemporary advancements within the algebraic conception of D-modules. The ebook includes an exposition of the elemental notions and operations of D-modules, of designated gains of coherent, holonomic, and usual holonomic D-modules, and of the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence. the idea of Algebraic D-modules has chanced on impressive purposes outdoor of research right, particularly to limitless dimensional representations of semisimple Lie teams, to representations of Weyl teams, and to algebraic geometry.

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Topology of the Complex Plane and Holomorphic Functions 36 such that: (1) B«(l,Rd = B(zo,R), (2) B«(k,Rd = B(Cr), and (3) B«(j,R)n B«(j+b Rj +1) # 0 for 1 $;, j $;, k - 1. If we can find differential forms Wj E ::J12(B«(j, R j } n B«(j+l' Rj+d), {3j E ::J11(B«(j+l,Rj+d) such that (i) W = Wk-l + d{3k-l, and (ii) wj +1 = Wj + d{3j,j = 1,2, ... , k - 2, then we will have W = WI + L d{3j. Setting (X 1 :5j,;k-l = WI will prove the lemma. Let us show how to find W k- 1 ' d{3k-l; the rest of the proof is a repetition of this step.

Proposition. The subgroup [G, G] is normal in G and the quotient group G/[G, G] is abelian. PROOF. In fact, yEa, P]y-l = (yay-l )(yPy-l )(yay-l )-1 (yPy-1 )-1 and pa ap[p-l, a-I]. = 0 The subgroup [G, G] is the smallest normal subgroup H of G such that G/ H is abelian. In fact, the projection 0 : G -+ G/ H sends [a, P] into the neutral element of G/H and [G,G] ~ KerO = H. The group G/[G,G] is sometimes called the abelianized version of G. It follows that any homomorphism of G into a commutative group K induces a homomorphism from G/[G, G] into K (cf.

Let Y E Therefore ~(n; a, b). The paths yGb and Ga yare homotopic to y. The paths YV and VY are homotopic to Ga and Gb respectively. Hence 45 §6. 11 PROOF. One has yeb = Y 0 f with f(t) = 2t if 0 ~ t ~ 1/2 and f(t) = 1 for 1/2 ~ t ~ 1. A similar formula holds for BaY. 3, )'eb and yBa are homotopic to y. s) s/2 y(2t - 1) 1 - s/2 ~ t ~ 1~ t ~ is a homotopy carrying Ba into y1'. ) s/2 1 D Let us denote by n 1 (0; a) the set of equivalence classes (under homotopy) of 'i€(0; a). n 1 (0; a, b) is defined similarly.

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