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Double Contrast Examination of the Colon: Principles and Practice

It's a nice excitement for me to introduce and to suggest this a lot wanted textual content on double distinction exam of the colon. it really is aimed either at clinicians who request X-ray examinations of the colon and at radiologists who needs to according to­ shape and interpret those reviews. during the last decade there was renewed curiosity in X-ray exam of the colon regardless of the super advances in endoscopy and imaging tech­ nology.

Electrical Phenomena in the Heart

(Clinical engineering sequence)

Central D1 Dopamine Receptors

The advance of a selective D1 dopamine (DA) receptor antagonist SCH 23390 encouraged a couple of reports at the features mediated through important DA receptor subtypes. It was once normally assumed that the significant D1 DA receptor isa molecular entity whose functionality awaits extra discovery. The papers awarded during this quantity truly express that this can be now not the case and that D1 DA receptors have many behavioral fuctions that can be altered in pathological states.

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17 4 figs. : Differential Calculus in Topological Linear Spaces. 1974. 40 DM 18,- 375 Topology Conference. Virginia Polylechnie Institute and Stole Universily, March 22 - 24, 1973. Editors: Dickman, R. ; Fiele her, P. 197 4. 90 DM 24,Alexander, Hamrick, Vick, A construction for involutions on homotopy spheres; Bel/amy, Mapping hereditarily indecomposable continua onto a pseudo-arc; Bing, An unusual map of a 3-cell onto itself; Borges, Lutzer, Characterizations and mappings of M1 spaces; Brown, Proper homotopy theory in simplicial complexes; Burke, A note on R.

90 (3-540-06757-4) 387 Bruter, C. : Elements de Theorie des Malro'ldes. 197 4. 40 (3-540-06789-2) 388 Lipsman, R. : Group Represenlalions. A Survey of Same Currenl Topics. 197 4. : Theorie de Ia Descenle el Algebres d'Azumaya. 197 4. 20 (3-540-06791-4) 390 Meyer, P. : Ecole d'Eie de Probabililes de Saini-Fiour 111 · 1973. Edileurs: Badrikian, A; Hennequin, P. L. 197 4. 20 (3-540-06816-3) Meyer, Transformation des processus de Markov; Priouret, Processus de diffusion et equations differentielles stochastiques; Spitzer, lntroduction aux processus de Markov a parametras dans zl,.

Editor: Kuyk, W. 1973. / conjecture. 321 Seminaire de Probabilites VII. Universile de Strasbourg. 1973. 90 (3-540-06287-4) Benveniste, Application de deux theoremes de G. Mokobodzki II l'etude du noyau de Levy d'un processus de Hunt sans hypothese (L); Meyer, Une mise au point sur les systemes de Levy. Remarques sur l'expose de A. Benveniste; Dellacherie, Un crible generalise; Dellacherie, Temps d'arrllt totalement inaccessibles; Dellacherie, Sur les theoremes fondamentaux de Ia theorie generale des processus; Dellacherie, Une demonstration du theoreme de Souslin-Lusin; Del/acherie, Une con/"ecture sur les ensembles semipolaires; Dellacherie, Potentie s de fonctionnelles additives.

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