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By Robert Levy

Ana Pauker, while she is remembered in any respect, is considered the puppet of Soviet communism in Romania, blindly imposing the main brutal and repressive Stalinist regime. Robert Levy's new biography adjustments the image dramatically, revealing a lady of outstanding power, ruled by way of clash and contradiction excess of through dogmatism. Telling the tale of Pauker's adolescence in an more and more anti-Semitic setting, her dedication to a progressive profession, and her upward push within the Romanian Communist circulate, Levy makes no try and whitewash Pauker's lifestyles and activities, yet particularly explores each contour of the complex personality he discovered expressed in lots of newly obtainable archival records.

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43 The following January Marcel wrote of the tragedy in a letter to his parents: I don’t know whether seven months of contact with a life, a life that still doesn’t seem to be anything but an object, a doll of flesh, whether seven months are enough to create bonds of parental feelings of such intensity that their rupturing totally breaks you to pieces, like a woven cloth coming apart. But in those moments of turmoil, which had exceeded our strength for a long time and brought us to the brink of nervous exhaustion, this piece of painful reality has been more than one could bear.

But Romania clearly took it to an extreme. “Hostility to foreigners,” Romanian essayist and philosopher Emil Cioran noted, “is so characteristic of Romanian national feeling that the two will always be inseparable. The first national reaction of the Romanian is not pride in the destiny of Romania, or a sentiment of glory, which is a hallmark of French patriotism, but revolt against foreigners, often aired as a swear word, and sometimes crystallized in a durable hatred. . ” Or as historian and economist B.

Ana had one fainting spell after another. . I will always have that picture in my mind when the baby died. I seem to see that small room and the corner of the sofa where Ana was sitting, and that soft and burning, burning body. And Ana trying to talk about something else, and the tears from the baby’s eyes, closed and closed only to reopen the next day, blue like the sky in the summer, which, with our help, killed her. I left for Bras¸ov. How much torment can I take? ” 45 But if Marcel or Ana Pauker ever entertained the notion that party involvement demanded too high a personal price, they apparently did so only fleetingly.

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