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By Elizabeth Story Donno

The serious history gathers jointly a wide physique of severe resources on significant figures in literature. each one quantity offers contempoprary responses to a writer's paintings, permitting scholars and researchers to learn the cloth themselves.

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Thunderer, Draw-can-sir and Prince Volscius. These Titles he has confer’d on our Author in consideration of his Dignity, as he is a Clergy-man of Honour. If Mr. Bayes (as you tell us, pag. 17. [I, p. 10]) was more civil then to say Villain, he might have taught his actors better manners. All 1 Copies of the second issue of RT I omitted the burlesque imprint, simply giving date and place of publication. 2 Character in The Rehearsal. 31 ANDREW MARVELL these, (besides the two last verses of the event of the Battle) you have diligently Collected, and for the most part faithfully transcribed, unless in these last recited, where for Gonsalvo in the Rehearsal, you have put in Valerio,1 and by the alteration of that one word, have made it your own, just so Mr.

Margoliouth earlier (see No. Leishman in his posthumous Art of Marvell’s Poetry (1966) was to point up one of the most tantalizing aspects of Marvell’s technique with the suggestion that in some instances he may have been undertaking a witty response to a particular poem. All too obviously, it appeared, Marvell had appropriated phrases from his contemporaries to incorporate or adapt, a procedure raising questions as to whether a borrowing represented common idiom or subtle twist, an unconscious or a conscious echo recollected in tranquillity.

Some there are below the Quality of the Squires Wit, and would better have become the Mouth of his Lady Joan, or any old Gammer that drops Sentences and Teeth together, As 1 The remarks appear in the second of Milton’s defenses, An Apology for Smectymnuus (1642), Sect. X. ’ 2 A moderate Calvinist, John Davenant (1576–1641) was Bishop of Salisbury; Sir William D’ Avenant (1605–68), was the author of the romantic epic Gondibert. 35 ANDREW MARVELL (speaking of his own Tale of the-Lake Perillous,) he saith in its Applause, this Story would have been Nuts to Mother Midnight, pag.

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